Facts & Figures

  • Subscribers that start receiving organic referrals within 2 weeks 64%
  • Subscribers that start receiving organic referrals within 6 weeks 35%
  • Increase in lead frequency using personalized marketing campaigns 40%



Lowest Referral Fee

As professionals, we understand the dedication of realtors who invest their time and money to establish connections and cultivate leads. It can take months before a deal solidifies, and we respect that effort. That's why we proudly offer the industry's most competitive referral fee of only 20%.


Round-The-Clock Support

At Realiztify, we value the feedback of our partnered agents as it helps us continuously improve our services. We understand that open and transparent communication is crucial for a long-lasting relationship. That's why we offer support to our partnered agents all year round.


Choice of Area

We provide the opportunity for realtors to choose the areas they would like to serve. We also never engage more than 5 realtors in any given area. This way, you can be sure that the market is not over-saturated with too many realtors competing for the same clients.


Appointment Setting

As soon as we receive a lead, our Account Executives connect with potential clients and schedule appointments for our partnered agents depending on their availability. Our goal is to provide a professional experience that caters to both the realtor and the prospect.



We take pride in providing you with exclusive leads by limiting the number of partner agents per area in any given state. We do not share leads with multiple agents. This approach guarantees you receive high-quality leads with no competition, giving you an edge in the real estate market.


Live Transfer

At Realiztify we're also offering live call transfers to our partner agents. If a potential lead expresses interest in speaking with our trusted partners, depending upon the availability of the agent and the prospect, we'll ensure a seamless live call transfer for the agents.



Agent Pro lines min
  • 3 to 5 Verified Leads
  • Appointment Setting
  • Live Transfers
  • Choice of Area
  • Exclusive Leads
  • 5 Active Listings
  • 3 Active Featured Listings
  • SMS & Email Notifications
  • Customized Marketing Campaigns
  • Client Management System (CMS)
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Pause/Resume Anytime
  • 20% Referral Fee on Closing
$ 10